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Register new students online
for graduate students, Academic year 2023.

(1 – 4 Mar. 2024)

Please follow the steps in complete order.

1. Log in to the registration system.

At the website http://reg.sut.ac.th
You can choose to use the English language page before logging in.

How to login.

PASSWORD : Passport Number

When logging in for the first time successfully. Please change your password to your own for safe use of the system.

2. Register new students online.

Select menu : [Step New Students]

3. Fill in personal information.

Click [Go to page Student Record]

Please fill in all 3 parts information completely and click to submit information.

4. Prepare the file for registration documents.

(All scans combined into 1 PDF file, file size does not exceed 2.50 MB)

Registration documents include:

1) Academic Transcript with graduation approval date. (The institution’s stamp.) The graduation approval date on the document must not be more than 2 weeks from the start of the semester.
2) Passport (in the case of foreigners)

***For students who have not yet taken action by the specified date. It will be considered that the new student registration is incomplete***

Please contact the Student Admissions Department at tel. 044-223026, 044-223014, Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

5. Upload the registration documents file into the system.

5.1) Login to the system for uploading photographs and files.
5.2) Select menu : [Upload Registration Form]

Please read the instructions in the system before uploading files.

(If you have not yet filled in your personal information
as item 3. above, this step will not be possible.)

(For more information about uploading the file of registration documents into the system, please contact the Student Admissions Department, call 044-223026, 044-223014)

6. Check the status of uploading document files.

If checked, The status is not complete.

This must be completed before the start of the semester.

7. Upload a photo file to make a new student card.

(Between 1 – 10 Mar. 2024)

7.1) Login to the system for uploading photographs and files.
7.2) Select menu : [Upload Photo]

Please read the instructions in the system before uploading files.

– Examples of dress according to university regulations
– Online image cropping tools. (supported on PC/Notebook only)
– How to using the tools to crop images.
– How to Upload a photo for new student ID card.
– You can obtain a student card at the Registration Office, classroom building complex 2.

(For more information about making a new student card, please contact the Registration Office, Tel. 044-223016, 044-223017)

Contact for more information.

  • New student details.
    Student admissions department, Tel. 044-223014, 044-223015, 044-223025, 044-223026
    Fax. 044-223010